I starred in a short semi-biographical film directed by Louise de Nexon, entitled “Somewhere in the Middle.” 

This film shows me through the director's eye, observing and describing my artistic process. It is an augmented video portrait about the search for self expression, set to my original musical compositions.

The project was featured on Beyond the Short, Girls in Film, and PromoNews.

Directed by Louise de Nexon
Cinematography by Zoe Simone Yi

Edited by James Dayton

Ben Draghi


Ben is a French-American director, composer, and videographer currently based in New York City. He is currently freelancing for clients in the music, film, and fashion industries.

Ben has worked with clients such as Converse, Jean Paul Gaultier, Coach, Axel Arigato, Tribeca Film Festival, Amazon Luxury Stores, H&M, Calvin Klein, Puppets and Puppets.